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Bespoke Training


The Life Science Access Academy provides  bespoke instructor-led workshops   on all our topics.

This gives our clients the opportunity to explore a subject in detail, to focus on the aspects most important to them and tailor the learning around their needs, customers, products and patients.

Upon request, we can source the training solution that is optimal to YOUR needs from our unique bank of over 150 independent trainers and boutique agencies.

These solutions range from high impact 60 minute sessions to more in depth modular programmes.

Every interactive bespoke workshop is supported by our Learning Management System (LMS).

This can be used to host:

  • Pre-reading
  • Post-workshop follow up content
  • Video roleplays, flipcharts, interviews, feedback, quiz or slide-decks

We believe that this tailored and blended approach to learning optimises results and creates long lasting positive change



Engaging, interactive and collaborative experience



Courses led by over 100 subject specialists and experts in their field



Practical, cost-effective and time efficient



Flexible scheduling to fit with business priorities



Accessible training from anywhere